I was your newest rag doll,

The prettiest one too.

All the other dolls envied me,

When I as chosen by you

I considered myself lucky,

To have been your favourite

I craved the attention you gave,

Loved it, savoured it

I let you have your way with me,

I existed for your pleasure

As you caressed me you told me,

Your love for me was beyond measure

You put little rips in me,

Saying they were mistakes

Saying this stuff keeps happening,

Saying that’s what love takes

As the time passed,

My eyes lost their spark,

My hair turned limp and my face turned hollow

You said no one could know what you did to me,

I wouldn’t like the consequences that would follow

You soon lost interest in me,

Just like the other dolls had said

The only purpose I seemed to serve,

Was day and night, warm your bed

You locked me in a box, with your other used dolls,

Leaving me hurt and exposed

But for all the rips and tears in my body,

My mouth was sewn closed



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